just for consistency, I feel like I should blog this.

remember the tooth? well, the wisdom tooth (#17) that caused the cavity in #18 that led to the root canal . . . yeah. I had that out today.

and I feel SUPER, thanks for asking! seriously, it doesn’t hurt (so far?! it’s only been about four hours and the numbing junk seems to still be wearing off), although I took some medicinal precautions anyway . . .

and yeah, I know you’re dying to see some pictures . . . give me a day or two . . . you won’t be disappointed!

ps–what a FABULOUS excuse to eat mashed potatoes!

the tooth, day two

So yeah, I know this video is sideways, and that I cut myself off mid-sentence, but it shows me at the point where my whole left side was still numb, and that’s not something I can recreate!

I also know that some of you will say that  it doesn’t sound any different than I normally sound, and all I can say to that is ;-p

It didn’t really hurt yesterday, but today I feel just kind of weird (could be the vicodin?) and it’s a little bit throbby. I am trying to add orzo to the chicken I made in the crockpot yesterday, and it’s still super-watery, but I don’t have corn starch.

did I mention I came home and took two vicodin instead of one? I looked it up online–it’s safe (in theory.) Seriously, I’m not trying to mess with my liver.

All those who think I shouldn’t be blogging under the influence, say “aye!”

I’m detecting a “teeth” theme, part 2–THE ROOT CANAL

So on Saturday, my tooth started to hurt. It’s weird; I honestly don’t think I have ever had a toothache before. The pain wasn’t unbearable; certainly not nearly as bad as some of the headaches I have known . . . but it was enough that I knew I needed to act quickly, because I had no interest in discovering how much worse it might get.

Now, you should know that I haven’t been to the dentist in two years, for a variety of reasons:

1) I didn’t have insurance for more than half of 2005.

2) When I got my current job, I just didn’t get around to going, and then it was October of 2006 and I knew they were going to stop requiring a deductible in 2007, so I figured it wasn’t worth it to pay a deductible when the year was almost over.

3) When 2007 did roll around, I . . . just never got around to it. I have pretty healthy teeth most of the time (crappy gums, but good teeth), and although I absolutely love my dentist, I was hoping to make a change.  When I participated in an Institute for Healing Racism a few years ago, one of the suggestions they offered was that you should intentionally work with a doctor, dentist or other professional who is a person of color. Now, I REALLY love my doctor, who is relatively fat-friendly, so I figured it was the dentist who had to go.

I kept saying (to myself and to anybody else who would listen), “I really need to find a black dentist”, to which I would get a variety of responses . . . most often, “what about that guy on that one commercial?” (nobody knows his name, of course.) And then I started asking myself if it was even worth it, since I mostly saw the dental hygienist anyway, and so did it really matter? Would my time be better spent encouraging my friendly dentist to hire more hygienists of color?

so all of this philosophizing led me exactly nowhere, or at least, it didn’t lead me to the dentist’s chair.

my teeth in happier times

I did, however,  high-tail it to the dentist once the pain began.  I got an appointment today, and of course, I have cavities in two of my teeth–the crooked wisdom tooth that needs to come out, and the tooth next to it. (I think she affectionately referred to it as “#18” . . . named, no doubt, for the number of thousands of dollars this is going to cost me)

So the non-wise tooth actually needs a root canal–which they promptly scheduled for tomorrow morning (can anything good happen on September 11th?) so now I am home preparing for tomorrow’s MAJOR SURGERY THAT COULD KILL ME, but thank God that Dr. Google (I have to give Amy Tan credit for that one!) has given me a great deal of reassurance . . . despite the fact that all my life I’ve heard people say things like “I’d rather have a root canal than _______” (insert horribly painful or undesirable activity here) or “It’s fun times–just like a root canal!”, the fact that this was one of the first search results I found when I looked up the simple phrase “root canal” has been somewhat reassuring.

(I will google search “death from root canal” later on tonight, along with “root canal that is really cancer” or “root canal leading to vegetative coma” or perhaps “you think it’s just a root canal but you’re really going to DIE!” . . . how did I ever find fulfillment as a hypochondriac before the internet came along?)

In the meantime, thank you, friendly animated-teeth.com website! Such good information, and no annoying pop-ups. (a few links with that annoying snap-like feature, but hey, I use those here, so who am I to talk?!)

now I have to decide whether to bring my camera to the dentist’s office tomorrow and ask them to take pictures so that I can blog about the aftermath . . . hmm. maybe just pictures of my x-rays?!

why is toothpaste so complicated?! (AKA “I’m detecting a ‘teeth’ theme, part 1”)

(so I wrote this over the weekend, after having been writing it in my head for about a week, and was “storing” it so that I wouldn’t release all of my blog entries at one time . . . but as you will see, this was perhaps more timely than I could have guessed. If I believed in karma, I would say that I had somehow angered some tooth god, or otherwise upset the balance of the universe, by complaining about toothpaste . . . but no, I think it’s just a coincidence. oh wait. I don’t believe in those, either.)  

Seriously, though. I find myself dreading the moment when I reach the bottom of a tube of toothpaste. I take great pains to  squeeze out every last bit from the tube, so as to avoid the inevitable barrage of choices that will face me when I go to the store for a new tube.

I just want toothpaste. I don’t want whiter teeth in thirty days. I don’t want to be “luminous“. I don’t want to experience the taste of vanilla mint at 7 in the morning. I don’t want sparkling expressions in fruity flavors. I don’t want a baking soda and peroxide party in my mouth.


but I couldn’t find it, so this time I got this instead . . . 

(sigh . . . ) it will have to do for now . . .