the tooth, day two

So yeah, I know this video is sideways, and that I cut myself off mid-sentence, but it shows me at the point where my whole left side was still numb, and that’s not something I can recreate!

I also know that some of you will say that  it doesn’t sound any different than I normally sound, and all I can say to that is ;-p

It didn’t really hurt yesterday, but today I feel just kind of weird (could be the vicodin?) and it’s a little bit throbby. I am trying to add orzo to the chicken I made in the crockpot yesterday, and it’s still super-watery, but I don’t have corn starch.

did I mention I came home and took two vicodin instead of one? I looked it up online–it’s safe (in theory.) Seriously, I’m not trying to mess with my liver.

All those who think I shouldn’t be blogging under the influence, say “aye!”

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