you wanna love WHO better?!

okay. This time, the blog title MIGHT stick around for a while.

Here’s the (old-school!) Margaret Becker song that the above title comes from . . . as skilled as I am at being a grumbling Israelite, this song still very much captures my heart and my gratitude towards God . . . at least, the gratitude that’s there when I stop to think about it.

All I ever Wanted

From where I lay I can see the sun
Rising through the trees
Before I face this morning rush
I get down on my knees

I lift my eyes and I thank You for
This life you’ve granted me
I pray that every day I live
Your heart will be pleased

I pray for hands that hold You
Higher than anything else
And a heart that loves You
More than life itself
This is all I’ve ever wanted
This is all I want to be
All I’ve ever wanted
Is to love You
From where I stand
I can see the dreams that you have fulfilled
Such kindness I did not deserve
But You gave it still
What do I have that You did not give?
There’s nothing that I can see
So all I have to give to You
Is what You’ve given me

(repeat CHORUS)

I know I don’t have the power
To love You like I should
But every day with everything I have
I wish I could
I’m standing here now
These words I pray
I wanna love You better whatever it takes
(repeat chorus)

2 thoughts on “you wanna love WHO better?!

  1. I think I told you the story of me at my sister’s house, where she and the kids where all yelling at each other… and I shared with them the title of your blog… I asked each of them if they were willing to do whatever it took to love each other better and to rid their rec room of the evil presence… they all looked at me and they could *feel* the love, and calmness took over the room.
    Seriously ‘rain, I don’t make this s**t up! I LOVE THE TITLE!

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