just for consistency, I feel like I should blog this.

remember the tooth? well, the wisdom tooth (#17) that caused the cavity in #18 that led to the root canal . . . yeah. I had that out today.

and I feel SUPER, thanks for asking! seriously, it doesn’t hurt (so far?! it’s only been about four hours and the numbing junk seems to still be wearing off), although I took some medicinal precautions anyway . . .

and yeah, I know you’re dying to see some pictures . . . give me a day or two . . . you won’t be disappointed!

ps–what a FABULOUS excuse to eat mashed potatoes!

4 thoughts on “just for consistency, I feel like I should blog this.

  1. my fav was eating jello and whip cream! i had all 4 out at once, no solids for a long time, then i had to cut all my food in tiny little pieces! lol
    heal well my friend

  2. Okay, LOVE mashed potatoes and hope it still doesn’t hurt. But please, in the name of all that is merciful and good–NO PICTURES!!!!!!!

  3. Jessica–ALL FOUR?! you’re insane. you need one side of the mouth to chew the mashed potatoes!

    and Beck . . . merciful? good? not me . . . I make no promises that I won’t post a picture. At least I left the picture of my mutant pinky toe on Facebook and didn’t post that one here . . . yet . . .

  4. Hi I hope you feel better .I was worried about you so I chcekd your blog because I can find out what you are doing this way.Love JoAnn

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