delinquent blogger announces new six-word autobiography

okay. so the second job is kicking my butt right now. hoping to catch up this weekend. (I mentioned to someone that I was going to go home and blog, and the person said, “you need to get a life!” to which I replied, “Blogging IS my life!” not exactly, but . . . )

Anyway, I was taking a leisurely stroll down memory lane (yeah . . . I’m so afraid that Facebook is on the verge of jumping the shark, because it seems like everybody and their grandmother is joining now) and took a wrong turn into a dark alley of ugly memories.

okay. now that I’m finished mutilating THAT analogy . . . 😉

anyway, as a result of this experience, I’ve come up with a new six-word autobiography that I think is one I can live with and claim as the “final” version. (at least for now?!)

(and no, it’s not “Actually, Ramen noodles taste pretty good!” although I’ll admit I was tempted!)

anyway, here it is.

It hurt. Still does. I’ve survived.