Sunday blogging against racism #44–by Lorraine Hussein Wronski

Yeah, the New Yorker cover . . . sigh.

There was a lot of talk about it on a purportedly light-hearted blog that I read regularly. Not everybody there shares my personal view of things, least of all the blog owner, but I think the comments on this entry pretty much run the gamut in terms of the variety of beliefs/thoughts that people have on the issue . . .

Many people are saying that Obama should just shut up about it . . . it’s satire, blah blah blah . . . (and we Grand Rapids folks know all about satire gone wrong . . . )

But seriously. The New Yorker cover barely qualifies as satire, mainly because FAR TOO MANY PEOPLE believe the cover image to be a completely accurate representation of who Barack Obama is.

And psssssst . . . I hear he kills kittens, too . . .


2 thoughts on “Sunday blogging against racism #44–by Lorraine Hussein Wronski

  1. I have a policy of not silencing those who oppose me, although I shudder at the use of that word, spelled wrong or not.

    What they “called him” was actually a US-hating, Osama Bin Laden-loving terrorist. I don’t recall Barack Obama calling ANYONE names, least of all something as hateful and ugly as that.

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