Sunday blogging against racism #29-“Barack Obama kills kittens”

You were googling new reasons to hate Obama, you came across this entry, and now you believe me, right? You’re convinced it must be true that he kills kittens. After all, he IS a BLACK MAN with the middle name “Hussein”. No matter what anybody says, he MUST be lying about being a Christian–didn’t you see him wearing those Muslim clothes? And he went to that Muslim school, where he no doubt got his earliest lessons in how to blow up the evil USians*

And even his purportedly “Christian” pastor is an evil black man spewing hatred of the good old US of A . . .

(WAIT A SECOND! THAT WASN’T A LINK TO A BLACK MAN SPEAKING TRUTH ABOUT OUR ALLEGEDLY “CHRISTIAN” NATION AFTER SEPTEMBER 11th–IT’S A LINK TO A WELL-RESPECTED WHITE PASTOR DOING THE SAME THING! So never mind . . . call off the dogs . . . we only crucify black men, even if they’re only “half” black.)

And just for the record, let me make it clear that this particular white girl/blogger is in complete agreement with these statements that have been attributed to Reverend Wright:

Fact number one: we’ve got more black men in prison than there are in college.

Racism is alive and well. Racism is the American way.

Racism is how this country was founded, and how this country is still run.

We believe in white supremacy and black inferiority. And believe it more than we believe in God.

Mr. Obama, as a fellow Jesus follower, I have decided that I will pray for you every day. I guess I should pray for those other folks, too . . . it seems like maybe they need it even more than you do.

I hope you make it to that big white house in Washington D.C. I fear for our country if anybody else gets in there. And I pray that they don’t kill you along the way. But most of all, I’m sorry that we are all so stupid, ignorant, and small-minded.And I know that you really do love kittens.

*I don’t say “American” anymore if I can help it, ever since a friend pointed out that the entire CONTINENT is actually “America”.

5 thoughts on “Sunday blogging against racism #29-“Barack Obama kills kittens”

  1. Funny how we’re not hearing about John McCain’s renewed alliance with Rev. Jerry Falwell in 2006. It was Falwell who said that 9/11 was God’s punishment on America for tolerating feminists, gays, atheists and the ACLU.

  2. Affirmative action: “take from one to give to another…” Its a Robin Hood tactic – but for Robin it was ‘okay’ because stole from the rich to give to the poor… For the government of the USA it is ‘okay’ to take a job from a white person and give it to a black person.
    I am NOT racist… you know that. What I AM, is pissed off with one injustice being solved with an equally STUPID INJUSTICE…
    You better not come to Canada and take my job from me! (oh yeah, your white… and Racism is not the Canadian way…)
    Would you prefer the Canadian way? Really? Bend over backwards to yield to the will and rights of others. Nope, doesn’t matter that YOU have rights too, because others’ are more important… Change your entire value system as newcomers arrive… Sounds great, but one giant chaotic mess… Where someone can SUE THE POLICE for being RIGHTFULLY charged with WILLINGLY breaking the law… A load of crap!

  3. You are right, I will agree to disagree… The main thing I was trying to get at… Those ‘people’ who have really been the abuser are not likely to be the ones affected by current actions to correct their mistakes… Call me cynical, but they were, are, and probably always will be (on earth anyway), “the rich” and lets face it, they have a different set of rules it seems.
    I in no way support the discrimination, manipulation or abuse of another person or group of people. 🙂 luv ya!

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