eight things about me

in keeping with the theme of my previous post, I am “tagging myself” on this “eight things” meme that was on this blog . . . I guess I really wanted someone to tag me, and since this blogger (whose blog I read regularly) said that he didn’t have anybody else to tag, I took the opportunity to sort of “invite myself” (yes, I was THAT kid in school!) . . . now I will be able to tag eight others, most of whom will be people who don’t really know me either . . .

eight random things about me:

1) I really, really, REALLY hate to write in blue ink. I am better now than I was, but in the past, I have been known to go to some pretty drastic lengths to avoid having to write in blue ink. It’s a huge phobia of mine.

2) The longest I have ever been at one job has been five years. Some people think that’s a bad thing; I am not sure what to think.

3) I was raised Roman Catholic, spent my young adulthood in a Baptist church, and now attend a CRC church, even though I want to dedicate, not baptize, my children, if I ever have any.

4) I consider myself to be both a racist (albeit a recovering racist) and an anti-racist. This is actually NOT a contradiction in terms once you know what I am really talking about.

5) I can sleep through a blaring alarm for over an hour. I have a lot of trouble getting to sleep, but once I’m out, I am OUT. I have come close to losing several jobs because of this.

6) and speaking of that . . . I’ve never been fired from a job, although I’ve left two or three because I knew I was headed in that direction, not immediately, but still . . . )

7) I own more than thirty refrigerator magnets with my name on them.

8 ) My student loan debt is almost equal to what I owe on my house.

4 thoughts on “eight things about me

  1. OK I’ll make a list of eight random things, but you are the only person I know on Word press, so I can’t tag anyone else.

  2. #3 That’s what I did. Dedicated them. Then ate cake and had a party. They each wore the same little white gown, and it was when they were 1 year old, so they were walking and pretty darn cute. Saved the gown, thinking one day maybe all kids from then on might wear it, when I saw a photo of a 90 year old woman holding a baby wearing her dedication gown from when she was dedicated. I thought that was magnificent. I cut out the news article and I’ve got the gown that looks so small, now compared to when my kids wore it.

    That, is another random thing about me. Found your blog via psych survivor’s.

  3. Thanks for the affirmation, Stephany–it’s just that the denomination I belong to recently decided to “strongly discourage” infant dedication in favor of baptism of infants . . . and don’t tell, but I still have a bit of a Baptist streak in me, and I just don’t think I could do it . . .

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