as usual, someone else says it better . . .

I’ve been listening to a lot more NPR these days (my favorite commie co-worker’s influence, mostly; I used to be a good little girl and listened to the Christian station all day . . . hmmm.), and I have been annoyed at/disturbed by the assertion of so many Hillary supporters that they were going to vote for McCain rather than Obama . . .

these same people have been all over NPR insisting that Obama MUST choose a woman as his running mate (perhaps not necessarily Hillary–at least some have conceded that THAT may not be such a good idea. hello, folks–we’re trying to WIN the election here?!) But there goes my cynical self . . . and maybe I’m channeling Field here . . . but I am CERTAIN that there is no way that people in this country will EVER vote for a black man AND a woman.

(someone said to me a few weeks ago that talking about what could happen to him is somehow more likely to make it come to pass–so I’ve stopped even speaking the worst-case-scenario and now I just pray for the man. yes, I pray for Barack HUSSEIN Obama . . . and all of the Christians who have not missed a single opportunity to remind me during Bush’s reign that the Bible tells us to pray for people in authority over us had BEST remember to do the same for our next president!!! but I digress . . . )

anyway, my point is that I am certainly eager to see women reach places of power and authority in our political system . . . but I am also quite sure that, this time around, what the man needs is a white male as his VP . . . just so that those who are so committed to our deeply entrenched power structure can breathe a little bit easier, and feel good about themselves in the process. (“we’re so progressive! we voted for a black man!”) I want us to WIN in November. I really do NOT want to move to Canadia.

At any rate, the rallying cry (is it self-hating/misogynistic of me to label it a “whine”?) of these women has not at all set well with me . . . so when I came across this gem from Tim Wise, I had a definite “a ha!” moment . . .

yeah. That’s what this is REALLY about.

(and thanks again to Field; when I say I “came across” this Tim Wise piece, it was actually on Field’s blog . . . which you should be reading daily anyway!)

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