GOSH! GOLLY! (or, “wanna see something REALLY scary?”

If you think this is rough . . . (I suspect the Great Wall is one of those things that we’ve been lied to about, and yet little Suzie Fundy here thinks it’s just swell . . . )

check out the submission guidelines. Pay special attention to the appearance and language guidelines.

I love Jesus . . . gosh golly, I do! But seeing as how I would have to actually google “gosh” and “golly” to even understand exactly what blasphemy I would be committing by saying “gosh” or “golly”, I’m thinking that Jesus is not going to condemn me to a fiery eternity for using those terms. Luckily, I’m not about to start (I prefer the “f” bomb, really), but wow.

ps–check this one out–the girls can’t even do “make-up” (uh-oh–is that kid manly enough for this site?!) but can do “cooking and sewing”. of course, her brother, who is half her age, is “head writer and vice president” . . .

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