Miracle in Allendale

This has actually never happened to me before . . . NEVER . . . but I was stopped by a cop tonight and DIDN’T GET A TICKET! I actually wasn’t speeding (for once), which probably helped my cause . . . but she stopped me because I have  a tail light out (hi? half my bumper is falling off . . . I think I’ve got bigger problems than just a tail light!) and yet she only gave me a verbal warning. (I was picturing having to take time out of my day to trek back to Allendale and show my proof that I repaired the light, and I was already groaning at the idea of having to do that in the middle of the day . . . )

It was remarkable because:

1) I couldn’t find my registration (it was in there, but I was scrambling for it) and she said, “don’t worry about it–just make sure you get it in the car.” (I found it after the fact.)

2) I didn’t say anything nasty to her, and I was calm, respectful, and sort of innocently scatterbrained.

3) I HADN’T been speeding. I actually KNEW I hadn’t been speeding, because I had been aware of my speed the whole time.

4) My “new” (2007) license plate is actually IN the trunk of my car, and the one that’s on the car has a sticker that’s eight months old. I can’t get the screws on the old one to come undone (there’s no way for me to get to the “inside” of the bolts to work on the washer)

5) She was giving off the “friendly concerned cop” vibe, but for once, I was actually buying it . . .

I am just so glad and grateful and amazed that I have broken the cycle and didn’t get a ticket! Although I am always conscious now, more than I once was, of the white privilege that works in my favor in these situations . . . but I think I’ll make that the topic of another entry . . .


Anyway, it was worth the trek out to Allendale to be able to spend a fun evening watching “Madagascar” with about the cutest kid I know! (the girls were asleep upstairs by the time I got there . . . )

2 thoughts on “Miracle in Allendale

  1. I think you should poll some “non whites” to see if this has happened to them.

    You should probably fix those things that are wrong- do they track that you received this warning?

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