I’m late AGAIN (International Blog Against Racism week) (SBAR #1)

Yes, apparently I am checking in on the last day of Blog Against Racism week . . . but having discovered this, I’ve had a brainstorm, and hope others will join me . . .

Since it’s often been said (and still is sadly so true) that “Sunday at 11am is the most segregated hour in America”, I think that going forward I am going to blog against racism in some way each Sunday, Lord willing. That is probably more pressure than I need to put on myself, but I’m willing to give it a try, at any rate.

 for today, here’s this . . . but Oprah, if you know this is happening right here at home, why are you sending all of your money to South Africa?

One thought on “I’m late AGAIN (International Blog Against Racism week) (SBAR #1)

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