been too busy to blog . . .

keeping up with Mona in the hospital . . . your prayers are (still and always) welcome!

and struggling with myself . . . is it that I need to be the savior? Is this my internalized superiority at work?

people who don’t know my sister Mona don’t understand the relationship. It’s hard to put into words what Mona gives me in return . . . most simply put, I suppose I would describe it as “unconditional love” . . . but I know that she is in my life so that I can learn from her, too. I don’t want the relationship to be so unbalanced. I don’t want it to seem like I am the Great White Savior. [WARNING: THIS LINK’S BLOG TITLE USES A WORD I DON’T LIKE TO SAY!] I want people to understand that God has formed us as sisters in a way I can’t even describe or understand, and that Mona is in my life (and I in hers) for His purposes. 

But I still question my own motives at times . . .