eight things about me

in keeping with the theme of my previous post, I am “tagging myself” on this “eight things” meme that was on this blog . . . I guess I really wanted someone to tag me, and since this blogger (whose blog I read regularly) said that he didn’t have anybody else to tag, I took the opportunity to sort of “invite myself” (yes, I was THAT kid in school!) . . . now I will be able to tag eight others, most of whom will be people who don’t really know me either . . .

eight random things about me:

1) I really, really, REALLY hate to write in blue ink. I am better now than I was, but in the past, I have been known to go to some pretty drastic lengths to avoid having to write in blue ink. It’s a huge phobia of mine.

2) The longest I have ever been at one job has been five years. Some people think that’s a bad thing; I am not sure what to think.

3) I was raised Roman Catholic, spent my young adulthood in a Baptist church, and now attend a CRC church, even though I want to dedicate, not baptize, my children, if I ever have any.

4) I consider myself to be both a racist (albeit a recovering racist) and an anti-racist. This is actually NOT a contradiction in terms once you know what I am really talking about.

5) I can sleep through a blaring alarm for over an hour. I have a lot of trouble getting to sleep, but once I’m out, I am OUT. I have come close to losing several jobs because of this.

6) and speaking of that . . . I’ve never been fired from a job, although I’ve left two or three because I knew I was headed in that direction, not immediately, but still . . . )

7) I own more than thirty refrigerator magnets with my name on them.

8 ) My student loan debt is almost equal to what I owe on my house.