Sunday blogging against racism–Hate crimes ‘r us

And I’m not talking about the made-up kind . . .

so yeah. I’m pretty giddy that he WE won . . .


Case Study #1: I heart Staten Island! (yeah, not so much)

I love the comments on this site stating that “it wasn’t about race, it was about politics”. So why not beat up a white Obama supporter? (my own Obama-mobile identifies me from a mile away . . . and I’m as white as they come . . . so bring it!)

Not to mention that beating the @$#% out of someone is NOT an appropriate response to hearing that one’s own candidate has lost the election. At least not in an alleged democracy such as our own. Seriously? I don’t care if you ARE “Joe(y) the Guido”. (FYI, I am using “guido” as a stylistic/cultural term, NOT as an ethnic slur.  but I am open to any dissent or disagreement here. to be honest, I mostly had to add that little snarky comment because I consider myself to be clever. (you may disagree with that also!) and partly because I’m annoyed to have to admit that I grew up in this sorry little corner of the best city in the universe.)

Plus . . . you had to pick on a Liberian?! come on! That’s not even on the same side of the great country of Africa as Kenya is!

Case Study #2 How about Pittsburgh this time?

When I read “Otter Creek Township”, I was sure this was going to be a story from the fine state of . . . one of those Carolinas or something.

(I can’t get this video to embed, so you’ll have to go to this link to see it . . . )

I haven’t even GOTTEN to the southern half of the country yet . . . but screw it. I’m all about the hope right now.

from captioned by thephoenix007
from captioned by thephoenix007

(ps I’ve been “collecting” political cartoons this week and am going to put up a (probably highly illegal in a copyright sense) collection of my favorites sometime soon . . .