truth in politics?

I would really love to see this on my ballot! 

My favorite part of the article follows:  

But perhaps the most perplexing translation would be for Boston Mayor Thomas Menino’s name, which could be read as “Sun Moon Rainbow Farmer” or “Imbecile,” or “Barbarian Mud No Mind of His Own.”

Sadly, the article doesn’t offer the Chinese translation for Bushie Boy’s name, although I could come up with one without too much effort . . . >:-)

you’ll be needing this . . .

send this link to all of those annoying friends of yours who persist in sending you those e-mails. you know who they are!

(good news–you can watch this without sound–the subtitles are identical to the audio content.)

what’s funny is that I *received* this link from one of the worst perpetrators to ever fill my inbox . . .

oh my gosh . . . this is too funny

WARNING: if you don’t like four-letter words, please don’t visit the site I’m about to recommend. but if you do look at it, please don’t say I didn’t warn you about the obscenity beforehand.

The same goes, perhaps, for those with weak stomachs.

 HOWEVER . . . this is the FUNNIEST thing I have read all week . . . funny, and yet sad at the same time . . . because we still live in a society that tries to tell us that anything–even $hitting your pants on a daily basis–is preferable to the horrors of being fat.