so much to say . . .

I have at least five topics left over from my long weekend back “home” in NY, so it’s going to be busy! At least I hope it will be. My ability to discipline myself being what it is, I’m hoping to get to it all. But I’ve been blogging in my head all weekend, so it seems only fair that I get it onto paper.

And I have made a decision . . . I was going to take a poll about it, but I think I’ve decided. I’m going to move all of my “Du$$ar” stuff to a different blog. I just want to see what my traffic REALLY looks like, independent of any conversation about that whole mess. So I’m getting rid of it . . . I’ve decided.

Stay tuned!

GENIUS! (my new domain name . . . I think?!)

so I have been trying to figure out what I want to do about a domain name. I am with and want to go to, which is free, but I have to pay for a domain host (do I sound like I know what I am talking about?! because I totally don’t, but I pretend well.)

This would mean that I would have to pay each month, but it would also mean that I could take in blogher ads, which might generate some income. (at least we hope they would?)

So I have been struggling for days, trying to decide what domain name to use. I had for a while, but it was before I was a steady blogger, so I wasn’t doing much of anything with it, so I let it go. I thought about but does that sound too much like a cheese? Then there’s, or the endless variations on “” and the like . . .

but just a few minutes ago, I figured it out. It’s brilliant . . . it’s perfect . . . it’s so ME! at least I think/hope it is.

are you ready?


now granted, I was never actually “little miss tottenville”–I was first runner up–but I think that this is perhaps the domain name that says everything you could possibly need to know about me.

 do you agree? do you think it sounds too much like “little miss sunshine“?

Let me know what you think. All I know is that *I’m* excited about it . . .

Sunday blogging against racism #6–right here where we live!

(Ah, yes, I am quoting Meet Me in St. Louis, which has always been one of my favorite movies, only now it’s ruined because I found out more than I wanted to know about the actual history of the World’s Fair of 1904 . . . but I digress.)

I discovered Carmen Van Kerckhove and her wonderful blogs not too long ago. Imagine my surprise when I saw that she had been a guest on Grand Rapids’ own Radio in Black and White . . . which I had heard of, but haven’t listened to until now . . . although I need to start tuning in . . .

anyway, you should listen too. You can hear the interview directly on Carmen’s blog by clicking the arrow at the bottom of this post . . . it will take about 35 minutes to listen to the part that includes her, but it’s totally worth it, especially towards the end when she starts talking about Africa . . .