what I’m good at

from a blogger I read regularly . . . this assignment. I figured that it would be a nice balance to my previous post. I also think I’ll ask five random blogfriends to do the same thing when I’m done.

1) I can write fairly well. In particular, I think my niche is feature writing. I am happy about the advent of the blog, because I think it’s a genre that fits my particular style quite well, and I’m happy that blogging gives me a reason to want to write with a fair degree of frequency.

2) I am a really good shopper. This may sound trite, but it’s harder than it seems, apparently. I know where and how to find almost anything, and I’m really good at remembering where to get stuff, or figuring out where to find something. If I ever do anything resembling a business, it will be a personal shopper business. But I’m not one who really wants to deal with the hassle of working for myself. (I’m kind of a crappy employer, or at least, I’m guessing I would be.)

3) I am a “good” friend in the sense that I am good at pursuing contact and keeping up with people. I don’t know if I am really a good friend in the more general sense, but let’s say that I’m good at being a PERSISTENT friend.

4) I am good with kids. Not the most talented or experienced diaper-changer that ever lived, but I think kids tend to like me and enjoy being around me. The feeling is definitely mutual!

5) This is a hard one. I was going to go to the default of saying, “I’m good at being an administrator”–keeping things organized, planning things for people, etc.–but I am torn between listing that and listing something about being good at getting people riled up about a cause. I’ll leave it to you to decide if these are two sides of the same coin . . .

Racism and Public Education

“I don’t get it”, you say to me. “Why do you keep harping on education, and insist on saying that there’s racism involved? Aren’t you just imagining things? Isn’t it a class issue that has nothing to do with race? Aren’t charter schools a good thing?”

No, charter schools are NOT a good thing. And yes, our education system in the US has EVERYTHING to do with racism.

But there are folks who can say it better than I can, so here’s this. Pay particular attention  to the fifth paragraph.

And while you’re there, check out this blogger’s take on KIPP schools.

Stop me before I blog again!

So I don’t know how I find these things . . . and it’s always super-embarrassing on Monday to go back to work and to have to answer the question, “What did you do this weekend?” with, “I donated plasma, and I blogged” . . . but I have a lot of catching up to do (reading-wise AND writing-wise) and hey, it’s a hobby, right?

 With that said, I don’t know HOW I stumbled across this, but I found one website that deals with grammar, which led me to several more, which led me to start doing searches online for even more. And the thing is, if these people can start a blog on the overuse of the word “literally”, or the rampant misuse of apostrophes, or the refusal to let the letters “I” and “L” grow up to be upper-case letters, or even (this one’s for Rach) the misuse and abuse of quotation marks, then why can’t I start a blog on a similar topic?

(Obviously, I’m not going to start one on run-on sentences!)

My two prime contenders for a topic would have to be the “loose/lose” thing (which seems to be popular–I found it here, here, and here, among other places) or the Michigan classic, pronouncing the word “across” with a “T” in it. (as in–I kid you not–“acrost”–pronounced like “acrostic”. I DON’T KNOW WHY THEY DO THIS! BUT I HEAR IT ON THE RADIO AND EVERYTHING!)

Can I handle a second blog? Can the world handle me with a second blog?

Those aren’t the questions I’m asking, really. The ones I’m really asking are, “has someone else already done it?” and “if a second blog is inevitable, then should I save it for something that I’m more consistently passionate about, as opposed to grammar, where I follow the rules I like, and ignore the ones I don’t like?”

Stay tuned . . .