Why I heart Barack Obama . . .

Once and for all, I just want to explain where I stand.

It’s not about drinking the Kool-aid. I am not so naive as to think that any politician, any HUMAN, can solve all of our problems, or save us from ourselves.


And it’s not about scrutinizing his policies in an effort to ensure that I agree with every single word the man says. For me, politics has always been about choosing “the lesser of two evils”. But then, I don’t think Obama is evil, either. No, he’s not the Messiah . . . but neither is he the Anti-Christ . . .

and yet, watching this man, I have hope. and that hope frightens me to death, because I am not sure that my heart will be able to handle seeing this hope deferred yet again.

So no, I don’t see Obama as a solution to all that ails us . . . but what I DO see is a man of integrity, a man who genuinely loves his wife (when’s the last time we saw THAT in the White House?) and who is finally offering us a refreshing departure from politics as usual.

But in this country, we have far too often responded to hope by crushing that hope underfoot.

And I just don’t know if my soul can take another crushing.

quote of the day

I just can’t believe that I used to like this man.

Dobson said on the radio program he must consider McCain’s record against abortion rights and support for smaller government, and added McCain “seems to understand the Muslim threat.” He also indicated McCain’s choice of a running mate will be a factor.

(full article here)

So, Doctor, would that be THIS “‘Muslim‘ threat”?

Sunday blogging against racism #44–by Lorraine Hussein Wronski

Yeah, the New Yorker cover . . . sigh.

There was a lot of talk about it on a purportedly light-hearted blog that I read regularly. Not everybody there shares my personal view of things, least of all the blog owner, but I think the comments on this entry pretty much run the gamut in terms of the variety of beliefs/thoughts that people have on the issue . . .

Many people are saying that Obama should just shut up about it . . . it’s satire, blah blah blah . . . (and we Grand Rapids folks know all about satire gone wrong . . . )

But seriously. The New Yorker cover barely qualifies as satire, mainly because FAR TOO MANY PEOPLE believe the cover image to be a completely accurate representation of who Barack Obama is.

And psssssst . . . I hear he kills kittens, too . . .