In memory of Marlene Diaz


15 thoughts on “In memory of Marlene Diaz

  1. I had the privilege of working with Marlene during the 90s when she was a very active member of AIDS Treatment Data Network, but lost touch around 2001. Was trying to see if I could fine a way of getting back in touch and am very sad to find this post, if you are able to share any more information I would greatly appreciate it.

    • Hi Richard,

      I was in contact with Marlene up until the time of her death. I have definitely been slacking on adding more information to this page, although I think about Marlene almost every day.

      I’m happy to try to answer any questions you may have…just let me know what I can do.

      • Hi, thanks for responding. I guess maybe the date that she passed and whether there is a memorial anywhere–I’d like to write to POZ Magazine and encourage them to write a tribute to her. Do you know if Margaretha is OK?

      • Sorry, super-delayed response. Margaretha is doing well. I don’t write a lot about her here just because I want to respect her privacy to some extent (well, besides posting pictures of posters with her face on them ;-/)

        She passed away on December 14, 2010. I would love to see some kind of tribute to her in Poz. I don’t subscribe, but I do follow the blog now and again.

        Thanks for reaching out…

      • laterain
        please contact me i was fin contact with Marleen and occasionally see Margarethra Until the time of her passing. Margarethra, I felt best spending time alone with her mother, at that stage
        please contact me at ,

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  3. Memorial website for Marlene will be up shortly, check back if you have a desire to leave a message light a virtual candle……..

    • Let me know about the Memorial website! I knew Marlene really well in the late 1980s, she was a great friend!

      • i met marlene in cape town world conference hiv aids.i remember well her smile.hasta luego querida.

      • Hello, I’m just seeing this now. I knew Marlene for many years. The anniversary of her passing was just a few days ago and I’ve been thinking about her. Decided to look up if there was any tribute and here I am.

  4. Lorraine,
    Whatca job you have done!!!!
    Thinking of Marleen, whenever shopping at the Sabon on her corner, as she introduced me know o quality skincare at Sabon…….

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