This is not a GoFundMe…

(I’ll save you my GoFundMe rant for another time…)

So for any of you who may have missed this, my sweet Cecil Elijah lost his father unexpectedly this past Monday. It has been really hard being so far away, but now that funeral arrangements have been pinned down, I am heading out there this weekend.

My job has had me down to 30 hours since January, so I have been trying to make up the difference by working at Gap. However, the days that I am in Michigan, I will be missing out on working there, and I may also be looking at at least one day without pay at my day job (don’t get me started about how much it sucks that the people who are most “family” to me are not considered family for bereavement leave purposes…)

Although Big Cecil’s family is covering the expense of the funeral itself, there will obviously be expenses related to my travel and while I’m there.

I plan to drive to Michigan, as last-minute plane tickets are pricey, and believe it or not, I actually find the drive itself therapeutic. #fatgirldriving

I am hesitant to ask for help because it feels a little tacky (or a lot tacky?!) I also don’t feel like my lifetime of poor financial choices is anybody’s responsibility but my own. But this is where I am right now, with my hours having been cut, having just moved, etc.

But at the end of the day, this is to help me support Mona and Elijah, so I’m asking.

It has meant a lot to me to hear that so many of you say that you feel like you know Mona and Elijah through me…and I hope that the things I have shared have conveyed at least in a small way what a blessing they both have been in my life.

So I am asking for those of you who can spare it*, and are so inclined, to consider throwing a few dollars my way. I’m talking $5 or $10; it doesn’t have to be anything major. I am pretty sure that enough of you are relatively fond of me that that $5 would add up.

To be completely transparent, I will be using the funds for my own expenses related to getting to Michigan (including covering my loss of pay). If you would prefer to give something to be earmarked specifically to Mona’s needs, just let me know and I will separate those funds and get them to her.

Anyway, now that the embarrassing part is over, and if anybody is still reading, here are the details. Since it’s the 21st century, we have lots of options.

  • My PayPal is my email address (my (post-1996) name backwards, with a period between the last name and first name).
  • My Cash app is $Wronski
  • My Venmo is @Wronski
  • My Zelle is just my cell phone number.

Again, this is a little embarrassing, but know that I will pay it forward and that you are helping me to reconnect with a piece of my heart.

*Do not send me money if you yourself don’t have money!!! If you send me money and I deem you not to have money yourself, I will send it back to you!!!

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