I would have made this my Facebook status, but then you would’ve thought I was nuts . . . oh wait . . .

AND this would never fit within 140 characters, which is another reason why TWITTER IS EVIL. I really should deactivate my account, but of course I haven’t yet. This is exactly the kind of behavior that my mother was trying to prevent when she said, “If your friends were all jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you do that too?”. But I digress . . .

So I wanted to share what I had for dinner tonight, just because it was such a “Lorraine” dinner . . . and because apparently some people think I should be blogging more often.

(spoiler: this is probably NOT what they had in mind when they said, “Lorraine, you should blog more often”.)

So for dinner, I had Ruffles Molten Hot Wings potato chips. And yes, it was an impulse buy. I was too scared to eat them by themselves, though, so my plan was to go home and eat potato chips with blue cheese dressing. Which I did, while watching Seinfeld, and it was actually quite yummy.

But then that wasn’t enough food for dinner, so for dessert I made some broccoli. Only I’m kind of sick of raw broccoli, so I decided to cook it and then maybe I could add cheese or garlic or something to it. So I boiled it until it was nice and mushy, and then melted some shredded cheese into it and sprinkled poured some garlic powder on it for good measure.

There was only one slight problem. It didn’t really taste that good.

Faced with a plate of mushy, garlicky-and-not-in-a-good-way-tasting, stupid-reduced-fat-cheese covered broccoli (which apparently still tasted very much like broccoli, even cooked), there was only one thing I could do. I added some of my homemade spaghetti sauce and doused it in parmesan cheese. Finally, it was edible, and just in time for me to yell at the idiots on TV who were wasting their precious Wheel of Fortune turns on buying seventy-two vowels.

But now, for reasons I can’t figure out, I sort of have a stomach ache . . . that’s weird.

And I think I’m broccoli’d out for a while.


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