Sunday blogging against racism–Haiti, again.

This hits very close to home for me. As a white adoptee, I have found my voice in the voices of transracial/transcultural adoptees, even as I have had to acknowledge how much more difficult their journeys have been than my own.

This blog post captures so much of how I feel about international adoption, even though I have considered it myself. If I do ever pursue adoption, I pray that I will have the courage to ask myself the questions that this writer poses, and to look honestly at the answers. I KNOW that I would surround myself with people who could hold me accountable to respecting my child’s original culture.

You should read the whole post, but if you don’t, here’s an excerpt:

Let me try another analogy. Let’s say you live with your child in a house that burns down. You’re dazed, confused, and burned. Your neighbor says, “I think I should take care of your child”. You say, “Thanks for your offer. But my child really needs me now, and I think they wouldn’t sleep well in a strange house. If you could just give us a tent and some food and some bandages so we can camp out while I get better and look into rebuilding, we’ll be OK.” Your neighbor says, “that’s too logistically complicated and I’m concerned about the security situation. I just want your child.” You say, “Thanks again for your concern and I’m grateful for any help you can give me. If you’re so worried about my child, maybe you could let both of us stay in your guestroom for a while? That way my child could be safe and would sleep well too.” Your neighbor says, “No, we have an interdiction-at-sea policy and visa restrictions will not be relaxed. Just give me your child. Actually, nevermind. I don’t even need your permission anymore. I’ll just take them.”

Think about  it . . .

2 thoughts on “Sunday blogging against racism–Haiti, again.

  1. B”H

    Hello Rain,

    I happened upon your site via Ed Gilbreath’s Reconciliation Blog Site. You left a comment there and I followed the link to here. Well, I like what I have been reading so far. I’d like to share/interact with you over some related issues if you are interested. I also like meeting new people and discussing issues concerning the Biblical Faith and the world we live in. When I noticed that you mentioned anti-racism I was all the more intrigued by you. Perhaps you might be interested to read some of the stuff I’ve written on my blog site as well.

    I hope that you are doing better regarding your on-going recovery from ankle surgery. I pray that you will soon experience a full recovery and be able to walk without pain or the need for a walker.



  2. I just read this, actually I went to the blog post you linked and read that too. You know I always hated that parents who did international adoption renamed the children. First step in stripping them of their culture in my opinion. I still wish it wasn’t so complicated since Bo and I have a lot of love to give a child. People in general think it is so easy, like the blogger said, why not adopt. I should print out her list and hand it out every time I get asked that question!

    You need to blog more and Shlomo sounds cool.


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