Christmas dilemma . . .

Since leaving the phone company for a job that paid quite a bit less, I have refrained from buying Christmas gifts for the most part. This makes things easier for me, in one sense, but also more difficult.

The thing is, I LOVE to buy gifts for people. I think that my “love language” is giving gifts (for receiving, it’s acts of service). I delight in shopping and love to find the perfect item for someone. I am really GOOD at shopping.

But I also embrace any movement that shifts us back to less commercialism (if not more togetherness–I think I have enough togetherness, thank you!) and so there’s my dilemma. If I came into a lot of money, I think I would be eager to shower those I love with gifts, and yet, I have waged war with clutter and the last thing I want to do is to bog others down with non-useful stuff.

I don’t know that this will be a gift-less Christmas . . . but I hope that when I do choose to give a few gifts, that I will do it with wisdom and some semblance of restraint.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

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