Sunday blogging against racism–Bingo is for everyone

Last week, I went to play bingo, since I hadn’t been in quite a while. As I was updating my Facebook status throughout the evening, more than one of my friends alluded to “blue-haired ladies”. I’m quite certain that this is the perception most people have of the Bingo hall (and we’ll save age-ism for someone else to tackle!), but in reality, a Friday night bingo game is remarkably diverse. There are people of all ages, ethnicities, etc. Though Bingo (hmm. to capitalize, or not to capitalize?!) is considered a “woman’s game”, there are certainly a fair number of men that play, also. There are Latinos, Asians, African-Americans, and they all co-exist very nicely in the smoky haze. (well, except for that one time.) They are united by a common desire to hear their number called, and to go home with a few more dollars in their pocket than they came in with. (this last part only happens for a lucky handful of folks . . . ) 


It’s just a beautiful picture of what our world could be . . . 

or maybe I’m just cheesy. 

PS–I didn’t win. Now I want to go back next weekend, and so on, until I actually DO win. who SAYS I’m not a hopeless optimist?!

2 thoughts on “Sunday blogging against racism–Bingo is for everyone

  1. While definitely a blue haired lady, my grandmother thought bingo was of the devil. Then again, she felt EVERY game was of the devil. When my cousin and I went over to her house when I was little, we could only read books, and even those books had any slightly offensive word ‘blacked out’. My poor father didn’t have much fun growing up…

    • It’s funny you should mention it, Kris . . . I always am not quite sure how bingo is perceived by people, and sometimes hesitate to mention that I’m participating in such debauchery . . . I tell myself it’s not quite “gambling” because it gives me an evening of entertainment . . . but I’m just not sure.

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