Sunday blogging against racism–Lies Across America

Last weekend, after a very productive couple of days doing the Great Decluttering of 2009 (shout-out to the Life Coach and the Taskmaster! Couldn’t have done it without you!!! And to the Trash Eliminator too!!!), we went to Chicago overnight. Right outside of our hotel was this billboard:5.09 131

Now, I don’t begrudge the state of Wisconsin for trying to drum up tourism business. Michigan is attempting the same, and it only makes sense.

But the words on this billboard caught my eye, because of something I had read in a book called Lies Across America. The book (which is a must-read!) stated that any time you see the words “Devil’s” in the name of a place, it usually means that the place in question was a sacred Native American site. Because they were deemed to be “heathens”, their sacred places were condemned, and in our 21st century ignorance, we still hold on to those names today.

Want to learn more?! Read the book–and question everything!

(bonus question: why does Lorraine no longer like Mount Rushmore?)

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