lyrics IV


by Nancy Bryan

I see the first faint streaks of morning
The night was full of bad dreams
I was home again
But nothing had really changed
I feel so empty from all the love I missed
From all that they could not give
God, you can help me to walk again
You give me a reason
I’m drowning
Hear me cry
No matter how hard I try
The current is too strong
I’ve struggled for so long
Pull me from under the water
I’m drowning in all these fears
There are too many tears
Only your love can save me
Pull me from under the water
It’s easy to believe
What you hear over and over again
I’ve let my heart grow hard
`Cause I could never please them
God, you can see through my shell
Forgive me and make me Your own
I need You
I’m reaching out to You
`Cause You are my only home

You took my place
When I should have died
You saved me from
A life of lies
You didn’t count the years of sin
And expose me for the fool I’ve been
You released me from my guilty conscience
And You let me have a brand new choice
You helped me forgive people that used me
And forget the times when I was abused
You covered my shame when I was unfaithful
And You took my pain when I was betrayed
You were wounded to make me whole

I see Your hand
Coming over me
I feel Your power like the rising sun
Shining right through me
Your hand is strong
You’re lifting me
Above the crashing waves
Of the raging sea
And through the roar
Through the howling wind
I hear Your voice reassuring me
You’ve accepted me
I won’t be refused
You will fight for me
Yes, You’ll see me through
And I will be saved
© 1992 Maranatha! Music

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