lyrics I

This one I couldn’t find online to copy and paste, so I’m going to try it from memory.

From the album, “Meet Julie Miller

Well, I wanted you to love me, but I never thought you did
So I wanted you to hate me or something instead
I wanted your reaction so bad it hurt
and I tried everything but nothing would work

well, it’s hard to show your love when you’re hurting inside
and I couldn’t see the pain that you had to hide
I was hard on you ’cause I misunderstood
now I know you did the best you could
and I can hear you say

don’t cry for me
don’t you cry, little girl
don’t you know I’m free?
You can save your tears for a lonely world
but don’t you cry for me.

Well I wanted you to love me but you never knew how [not sure this is right]
and I regret all the things I didn’t do now
but the past is gone and my prayers came true
but the answers look different then you think they do

(repeat chorus)

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