there are worse things than death . . . I think?!

I have always stood by my assertion that there are worse things than death. It seems like people rally around someone when they have lost a loved one through death . . . people go out of their way to say something to the person, to connect, to support them. It leaves me wondering sometimes why there isn’t that kind of support for other types of crisis . . . why death seems elevated sometimes to that “one thing” that warrants so much extra care and attention?

we already know that death confuses me . . . and that, like Job, it’s something I’ve aspired to . . .

but now . . . and perhaps it’s because I’m fairly certain that my father’s death is imminent (whether this means days, or weeks, I’m not quite sure, but I know it’s going to be soon . . . ), but for whatever reason, I’m questioning my previous logic.

IS death the worst thing? As a Christian, my answer to that has to be “no” . . . but relative to other pain people face, I’m wondering. This is such a weird and probably inappropriate analogy, but I just feel like someone who has never given birth and is trying to mentally prepare for it. I have no idea what to expect . . . people tell you it hurts, but until you experience it yourself, you just have no idea.

So, my dear 2.76 readers that are left after I removed the du%%ar-snarking posts, I am about to try something new. It’s a poll!!! Yes, that’s right, you get to vote on whether or not there are things worse than death . . .

and, um, yeah, I *think* it’s anonymous? but who the heck knows.

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