3 thoughts on “Sunday blogging against racism–lessons learned

  1. It is interesting how so many things in life have discriminatory undertones… Or even blatant discrimination. You can find discrimination in pretty much everything these days if you look for it. Disney is just one of many examples. Discrimination is unfortunately a bit of a natural behavior for people – most people like to be surrounded by those who are like them (whether that be color, beliefs, class, etc…). Its been my personal experience that EVERYONE in this world discriminates against something, and probably on a daily basis. I know that I do, unfortunately…
    But awareness and enlightenment is indeed important so the cycle can be broken. Will I let my children watch old Disney movies? Sure… (if I ever have kids that is)… Just like they will watch pretty much anything. The key is to have valuable discussions with them afterward about what things really mean.

  2. I agree with JFrog and I always received a lecture after Disney movies. Unfotunately it was the one about how animals do not have feelings and cannot speak and sometimes it is necessary for them to die or other animals to eat them or humans to eat them, etc. Good old dad! Jungle Book was not one of my favorites but looking at it now, yikes.

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