for real?!

I really don’t think of myself as an introvert. maybe it was the way they asked the questions? or maybe I’m getting more cranky in my old age. who knows.

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3 thoughts on “for real?!

  1. I was more suprised by “Thinking” but then again you’re not a big fan of FEELING, eh? (that’s my Canadianism for the day)

    We have to talk. YOU MUST EMAIL OR CALL or tell me when I can call you, dammit!!

  2. I took this test in college and I was an ENTP, now I am an ESTJ! It says I would make a good supervisor, ha ha. I apparently have changed. That 84% introvert of yours is interesting. . .hmmm, ok I won’t analyze you 🙂 And call Becky!!!!!

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