Sunday blogging against racism–“White” Christmas.

So yesterday, for Ms. Sara’s birthday celebration, we went to Christmas hell heaven. Yes, it’s true. Ms. Sara loves her some Christmas. And she wanted Christmas, so she GOT Christmas.

I myself had fun walking around saying, “It’s not Christmas, it’s CHRIST-mas!” (pronounced like the big JC.)

But what wasn’t so much fun to me is that either they have increased their inventory of White Jesus has gone up, or my eyes have been opened since I last visited the World’s Largest Christmas Store.

I guess that I used to be happy to find a small smattering of brown-skinned angels, like the ones I snapped a picture of on this most recent trip:


But for real? This just doesn’t cut it anymore. Because white Jesus isn’t just a personal preference or an “it doesn’t matter” coincidence. WHITE JESUS IS WRONG. Jesus was a middle eastern Jew.

um, I think that’s all I have to say for now.

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