AACK!!! It’s pathetic!!!!!!!!

Seriously, folks. Stop the insanity!

This is a COMPLETE list of the search terms that were used to find my blog thus far today. (or maybe it’s yesterday; WP confuses me with the time zone changes.)

Seriously, though?! you can’t find anything better to read about? and if you’re TRYING to read about this particular train wreck, why not go here?

(I’ve disguised the name in question so as not to create MORE traffic . . . )

the du&&@rs
du&&@r amy
what faith are the du&&@rs
du&&@r fans
amy du&&@r
du&&@r girls
cheating in bingo halls in michigan
cousin amy, du&&@rs
the du&&@rs amy
duggers cousin amy
how much do the du&&@rs earn
where do the du&&@rs go to church?

cavities in teeth
amy du&&@r cousin
wisdom teeth pain

the du&&@r cousin amy
du&&@r cousin amy
du&&@r wrong
amy the du&&@rs

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