“never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry”, and other lessons I still haven’t learned.

so I haven’t gone “real” grocery shopping–like, hardcore, fill the freezer and the cabinets grocery shopping . . . for I would say at least six weeks, if not more. And although I was quite tired today, I knew I had to make myself go tonight . . . kind of a “now or never” thing.

I didn’t think I was very hungry, but as my grocery cart began to fill up, I noticed that not only was I buying canned green beans and ramen noodles and pierogies and frozen dinners and other staples of the single life, but that I was also gradually adding other “goodies” to my cart. And it wasn’t long before I asked myself, “hmmm . . . is there a pattern emerging here? And WHAT time of the month is it right now?”

In my defense, there were a LOT of really good sales.

On stuff like this:

And this:

And these:

And these:

and these: (what?! they’re for work!)

and let’s see . . .

yeah, even though I’m kind of over it,
it’s only available once a year,
so I had to grab a box of this:

Seriously?! I know that I won’t even be all that excited about it,
(same goes for the green you-know-what that inevitably follows . . . )


And speaking of seasonal items, there was also this:

and these will be nice to have at my desk at work
(also on sale–seriously! they had some incredible sales this week!):

But I think perhaps the worst of all my food confessions for tonight has to be the BOGO on the Entenmann’s donuts . . .  Of course, I can almost never find these in Grand Rapids:

BUT I did buy these:

AND these:

So there you have it . . . my night at the grocery store.

And you want me to have WHAT surgery!?

3 thoughts on ““never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry”, and other lessons I still haven’t learned.

  1. I always want to buy the Frankenberry but it is never as good as I think it will be (you know my “high” expectations). You reminded me I need to go get candy corn or those pumpkins-yum. Also can you text me tomorrow so I know you didn’t go into a diabetic coma? Couldn’t resist that one!

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