Sunday blogging against racism–I’m voting for “that one”

(hmmm. just realized I never posted this. so here goes.)

Seriously. I’m trying to move on to another topic, but it’s been one of those weeks.

First, there was this bullshit:

I like that Field asked, “Is that the same as ‘those people’?

But seriously, folks. it has NOT been a good week for those who would like us to believe that Obama’s campaign for the presidency means that racism is dead and buried in this country of ours.

Let’s see what else we’ve got . . .

Obama burned in effigy . . . at a Christian college. Nice.

Palin preying on her supporters’ already festering ignorance. People are starting to question whether this will backfire.

Meanwhile, her supporters are yelling out “kill him!” and one even said to an African-American news station employee, “Sit down, boy!”

[Nope, we’re good. no racism here!]

By the time McCain tries to backtrack, it’s almost beside the point.

I am getting really, really tired of this. And I’m too tired to say much more right now (or maybe my sleeping pill is finally kicking in?) so maybe I’ll have more later this week . . . [footnote: or two months later . . . when we already WON so who cares, right? well, stay tuned . . . ]

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