Sunday blogging against Sarah Palin (oops, I meant racism)–“he needs to know his place!”

I fully agree with this blogger. And please don’t tell me that I’m reading too much into it. It’s the same thing with McCain’s refusal to look Obama in the eye the other night. “How dare this uppity ______ not know his place?”

And about McCain’s running mate: 

Maybe this story isn’t really true. Or this one. Or any of these. And okay, I’ll admit it–she did NOT ban any books. Shame on me for falling for an urban legend!

But seriously?! What. The. HELL?! Never mind the racism, alleged or otherwise . . . this woman frightens me.

But, as Tim Wise reminds us, white privilege is an amazing thing, and when it comes right down to it, it doesn’t matter HOW dumb a person may be . . . because everybody knows that it’s not nice to talk badly about nice white barracuda-pit bull ladies.

2 thoughts on “Sunday blogging against Sarah Palin (oops, I meant racism)–“he needs to know his place!”

  1. She’s not nuts…she just happens to believe that Jesus rode a dinosaur, and that people blabbering incoherently are speaking the word of god. That’s not nuts, no, far from it! What? Are you under some kind of witchcraft spell, or something?

  2. I said to myself, the night that she said she was a pit bull with lipstick, that I was offended on behalf of dogs all over the world!!!

    Keep on blogging girl, I check you everyday!!

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