RSS feed angst, part deux

I thought I’d solved this . . . but the “new” computer (my “flea market” laptop) actually doesn’t have IE installed yet, so I can’t even get back to using the IE feed . . .

But here’s the thing . . . I’ve tried the Firefox plug-ins . . . I’ve tried using my Yahoo page . . . heaven help me, I’ve actually tried to use Google Reader! 


I want my feeds the way IE does them . . . all lined up in a pretty little row, titles only, and highlighted if there’s new stuff I need to read.

I don’t want to see a snippet of every flippin’ article (over a hundred, remember?) every time I sign on.

I don’t want to have to navigate back and forth to another page when I need to get back to my list. I want to be able to just click on that handy little sidebar and go from there.

I know that I have way too many feeds . . . and I will pare them down, I promise! But there are too many that I truly DO want to read that are falling by the wayside. Do you know how long it’s going to take me to catch up on this guy’s blog? or this? or this? or this? Seriously, this is my tivo . . . and I’m severely compromised without it.

so for now, do I go back to reading blogs on the dinosaur desktop computer in the red room, and doing everything else while lounging in bed, using the laptop?

If you hate the new Facebook layout (then you should’ve started sooner! just kidding), then you may have a tiny smidgen of understanding of how VERY much I hate this. and my own advice to others vis-a-vis FB doesn’t apply here . . . I don’t WANT to “just get used to it”.

(wah, wah, wah. anybody got some cheese to go with this whine?!)

One thought on “RSS feed angst, part deux

  1. i dunno… i use google reader in list view (seeing only titles) and click only on the ones i feel like reading…
    and i don’t hate the new fb either, cause change in the way our applications look and behave is inevitable, so adapting quickly would have to be the key!

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