the hardest thing I’ve ever done

was finding all of the paperwork I needed to have for the lawyer.

well, if I’m going to be objective about it, this is probably not the most difficult thing I’ve ever done . . .  but certainly one of the most overwhelming.

I honestly wish that debtor’s prison still existed . . . but since it doesn’t, and since I’ve flunked out of credit counseling for the third time, (having already flunked out of financial freedom classes twice as well), there is just one option left.

It’s supposed to be acceptable nowadays . . . and yet, you’ll notice that I don’t even speak the word. I’m not ashamed . . . although maybe I should be. I’m mostly just frustrated with myself . . . tired of the way I blow through money, tired of the choices I’ve made that have gotten me to this place . . . so I do this . . . what’s to stop me from getting into a pit again? how do I stop these bad habits I’ve built up over the years?

worst of all, this is not going to get that bitch Sallie Mae off my back . . .

no . . . worst of all is that money is still such an idol to me . . .and I don’t know that I will ever break free.

2 thoughts on “the hardest thing I’ve ever done

  1. We talked about this but you do have to change your behavior in order for it to work. I can actually go to the mall now and not buy anything! It is not easy to be on a budget. Not having that debt monkey on your back is the greatest feeling. You will be ok, the Bank of Tracy can help you!

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