another failed cooking experiment :-(

So I love me some mini-quiche . . . the kind you buy at Meijer for like $11 for a box of 40 of them and you eat them in like three days.

And when I was in high school, I would often make a spinach quiche in a pie crust that I really liked.

The thing is, I HATE eggs. So the quiche I like is almost always very light on the “egg”, and somehow it works.

BUT I was so sure that I could do this. A friend suggested using pre-packaged croissant rolls in cupcake tins for the base of it. I went online, found a recipe that used bisquick and cheese (thereby removing the egg taste, or so I thought) and so I went ahead . . . added some garlic powder because what doesn’t taste better with garlic? Mix, add what seemed to be like a ton of cheese (sadly, I was out of spinach, or I would’ve added that too) and pop in the oven.

And here’s what I got:

So yeah. first of all, they look like muffins! Second of all, THEY TASTE LIKE EGGS. Not like cheese, not like garlic powder, not even like BISCUITS!!!

THIS is why I don’t cook at home. THIS is why I am going bankrupt, but still eat out almost every day.

This is why I ate stale Apple Jacks for dinner instead . . . 😦


2 thoughts on “another failed cooking experiment :-(

  1. I still am wondering how you make a quiche that doesn’t taste like eggs when that is the main ingredient? I think if you used that egg substitute (egg beaters) it may not have been so bad. Ha ha, do not bring those over on Saturday! You should stick to what you know, cheesy sausage biscuits and grandma chicken!

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