Sunday blogging against racism #36–La Misma Luna/Under the Same Moon

Saw this movie yesterday, at last . . . it was every bit the sweet, sad, funny, life-affirming tearjerker that I thought it would be. It struck me as I watched, however, how difficult it was for me to conceive of anyone watching this being able to walk away seeing the plight of undocumented immigrants in the same way they had before . . .

and yet, I know that there are so many who disagree, and who would probably see this film as propaganda . . . who will spit out the words (as I once did), “but they’re ILLEGAL” . . . as if this perjorative label somehow made them any less human. And my fellow Jesus followers, who read the same Book exhorting us to care for the foreigner and the alien in our midst, are among those whose voices are loudest in crying out, “Crucify them!”

All I know is that this film made me want to become one of those people who lives at the US/Mexico border and provides water in the desert to the ones who have lost their way. But seeing as how I’m in no position to move right now, I guess I’ll just keep blogging . . .


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