an Obama/Edwards ticket?

THAT would be cool.

Even though I did NOT get into the Van Andel Arena (I LOVED the irony of some of what he said about tax breaks for the wealthy few, WHILE he was in an arena that bears the name of one of said elite!) because I couldn’t leave work early enough, I did stand out in the FREEZING cold and listened over the loudspeakers. And even that was incredibly exciting, and I can’t imagine what it must’ve been like to be inside.

Luckily, others were there . . . and they had camera phones . . .

I try to remember something that occurred to me (or maybe someone else said it) when we were talking about Martin Luther King Jr. at church earlier this year . . . that a movement built on a single personality is limited/doomed to fail. That really, any human being we put our hope and trust in is bound to fail us in some way . . . that we need to put our hope in God alone, and not in any human, no matter how much hope said human being may be offering us . . .

but with that said . . . if McCain wins? I’m for REAL moving to Canada.

2 thoughts on “an Obama/Edwards ticket?

  1. You know I worked on the Clinton/Gore campaign while at GVSU and the kind of excitement over Obama reminds me of then. And we had good times after that, well at least I did. I agree with you on the Canada thing. We could move to Edmonton and be neighbors with Becky!

  2. we sure as shit COULD move to Edmonton! She said that third shift McDonald’s workers are making $15 an hour!!! is that insane?! you and I could be the district managers very soon.

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