thank you, “Today” show!

or . . . “thanks but no thanks”?!

It’s great that I’ve had 342 hits today alone on one particular posting of mine about you-know-who . . . but seriously? I wish I could get that much traffic for some of the stuff I talk about that REALLY matters. 

here’s where we stand so far (and it’s only 6:30 at night! although if the workday is over, perhaps the searches will slow down). 

(I’m taking out the “u” to prevent people unnecessarily flocking to this post. I intentionally avoid cross-posting to that entry, as I don’t really need/want to drive MORE traffic there . . .  and yes, I AM cursing myself for not having gone to self-hosting sooner than this . . . think of the revenue I could have generated through ads!) 

Here are some words that people searched today to find me and my perhaps-a-bit-over-the-top opinions: (yeah, I don’t know what the “teeth” thing has to do with it.)


d^ggars 237
the d^ggars 9
d^ggar’s 5
“d^ggars” 4
the d^ggers what wrong with them 4
bad d^ggar 3
d^ggar family church 3
d^ggars, christian 3
what is wrong with the d^ggars? 3

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