the new haircut and my “revolving door” blog theme changes

Here’s a picture of some cute babies to draw attention away from the fact that I seem to have CHOPPED MY HAIR OFF! (Ethan looked at me and said, “You have silly hair!” Hmmm . . . )

 Yeah, it’s a tiny bit shorter than I would like it to be, but it’ll grow in quickly. and I’m sorry, but it’s soooooooo much easier for me to have it short like this.

may 2008 035

now . . . what color?! going in the auburn family, but we’ll see what I decide . . .  

and okay. I know that I keep changing the look of this site. And it’s a law of blogging that you are supposed to PICK A THEME and stick with it, which I am sure I will do “someday” . . . maybe after I go self-hosted.

But try to remember that a month ago, my hair looked like this:

mona easter 2008 172

in other words, you’re dealing with someone who is prone to frequent changes in every sphere . . . so should my blog be any different?


2 thoughts on “the new haircut and my “revolving door” blog theme changes

  1. Hey, I want another pic where we can actually see YOU! Looks cute, though…. I vote for dark auburn and maybe like max said some highlights?

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