look what I found . . . [EDIT]

never mind what you see below. as much as I want to go, and as nice it would be to win this, I’m not the one who deserves to win. Baggage is. 

Check out her blog, and if you agree with me, you can nominate her here

(we now return to our regularly scheduled blog entry . . . )


BlogHer 08 150x150

And yet, they’re giving away a free trip . . .

I hold no illusions that I would ever win–I KNOW that I’m still such a blogging novice, and that I am a long way away from perfecting the craft. And I’m certainly no “hero”.  BUT I *am* greedy enough that I wouldn’t be offended if anybody were to nominate me. I’ll be nominating a few people, too, of course . . . (not naming names here . . . but man . . . I wish Bob Reed was a girl! in a manner of speaking, anyway.)

(Although there is the issue of this one particular entry of mine that still draws huge traffic, and which might be seen as “slanderous”–seems that the “official rules” frown upon such things. and yes, you’ve noticed–I’m NOT linking to it, or even speaking the name, because that stupid post gets enough traffic already.)

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