going back to short hair?

I’m open to hearing people’s opinions . . . the photos in this slideshow show the good, the bad and the ugly (yeah, cheap white t-shirt + fat rolls = NOT ATTRACTIVE!!!) but I am definitely leaning towards chopping it off again . . . mostly so that I can color it again!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “going back to short hair?

  1. I vote YES. My favorite cut is the one with your sunglasses on your head–short but not super short and kind of wispy.

  2. I’m with Beck – the longer-short versions I like. Of course, I’m planning something similar, but I still need to be able to pull it back…

  3. I don’t want to come off conceited here but I think you should kind of get it cut like mine. She razors the ends so that you have volume at the top (since your hair is thinner than mine). Of course my head is more pumpkin shaped, lol.

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