R.I.P. Firefox

Just to prove that I absolutely DO need a new computer . . . my Firefox stopped working randomly. AND my WordPress STARTED working again . . . so I’m a wimp, and I’m back to IE.

The only sucky thing is . . . because I deleted Firefox from my computer (it wasn’t working, right? so I figured I might as well), all of the feeds I moved to that browser (and subsequently deleted from IE) are now gone.

I’m such a dork.

But maybe this is a good thing . . . maybe it’s time to do some virtual “spring cleaning” and weed out my feeds one more time . . . My absolute favorites will be ones that I’ll continue to seek out, and maybe I can get rid of some of the excess. maybe . . .

in other news . . . under NO circumstances should I EVER consume iced tea after 5pm.

One thought on “R.I.P. Firefox

  1. All bad things that happen to you from now on can be blamed on the fact that you chose IE over FIREFOX…
    Damnation! LOL

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