What would Jesus do (with His Economic Stimulus Payment check from the U.S. government?)

So never mind that NPR totally had me fooled the other day. Actually, I was impressed with their creativity, although I did nearly have a heart attack trying to figure out what the government might send me in lieu of cold, hard cash . . .

And never mind the fact(s) that:

  • I owe my big brother a fair-sized chunk of cash for helping me get my car fixed back in November
  • I owe Max money also
  • I didn’t win the appeal for the parking ticket (not a problem as long as I never move back to NYC, right?! or maybe not), which is currently $175 and growing
  • my car needs at LEAST $800 more in repairs
  • the evil credit union is taking personal inventory of all of my debit card purchases in an attempt to bully me into paying them more each month towards my credit card debt with them
  • my house is currently “worth” at least $10,000 less than what I paid for it

should I go on? Oh, and I’m working 13-hour days for the next month or so in an effort to keep all of the above at bay.

(oh. and the dentist keeps saying that decaying wisdom tooth, the one that was responsible for the mess that became my first-ever root canal in the adjacent tooth, needs to come out . . . and I’m out of dental coverage for the year)

Never mind, either, that the entire $600 is not actually MINE to spend (really none of it is “mine”, but at LEAST ten percent of it is (theoretically) already spoken for).

No, none of that mattered to me tonight in that one shining moment when I realized that $600 really is enough to buy an Apple Mini.

(or hey–I could even buy a refurbished one!)

Because I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that buying a new computer is EXACTLY what Jesus would do . . .

well, it’s what I would do, anyway. If I did what Jesus would do, I certainly wouldn’t be in the shape I’m in, although I like to tell myself that neither would this blog be nearly as entertaining to read . . .

but you know how it is when someone mentions Chinese food, and then all you can think about is Chinese food and you know that there is just no way that you are going to be happy until you get some Chinese food?

Refurbished Mac mini, 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo

yeah. I’m feeling that way about that gleaming little box from Apple right about now . . .

3 thoughts on “What would Jesus do (with His Economic Stimulus Payment check from the U.S. government?)

  1. That’s okay, we may get the money for being married, plus the bonus for having the kids, and all of it is already spoken for too. Probably a new furnace.

  2. does it come with a screen or can you use the one you have? i wonder if canadian-former-americans get refunds too??

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