“You look so familiar . . . “

Before I met my birthparents, it would freak me out from here to next Tuesday when people said this to me. And people said it often; in fact, people STILL say it quite often. It’s actually happened twice in the past twenty-four hours . . . yesterday it was our waitress at the fine gourmet establishment where we spent Easter . . . “You look so familiar . . . what high school did you go to?” I told her, and no, that wasn’t it . . .

Then today, I’m at my No Worker Left Behind workshop, and again the question: “Did you used to work at [place I did NOT used to work at]? Because you just look so familiar to me.” AACK. No me gusta!

Because I’ve worked retail, I often attribute people’s sense that I “look familiar” to their having seen me at the Hallmark shop, or at the Gap, or at Old Navy, or wherever else I’ve worked . . . there’s that sort of familiar anonymity that comes with being a part of the landscape for so long. But it still kind of freaks me out . . .

And I know that “they” say that everybody has a twin somewhere . . . but how come some of us have so MANY “twins”? Worse is when someone shows me a picture of a person that they think “looks just like you” and not saying I’m a beauty queen, but the “looks just like me” person is almost always hideous-looking . . . which only leads me to believe that these people who are telling me that I “look so familiar” are in reality grouping me in with some nameless, amorphous pool of fat brunettes, and that I really don’t look like ANYBODY at all . . .



In other news . . . I did have a guy at the unemployment office ask me for my phone number . . . hmm. he didn’t write it down but said he would remember it . . .

at first, I turned my nose up at the idea of dating someone I met at the unemployment office . . . but hey, at least he’s trying to go back to school, right? And it’s certainly a step up from the last guy who tried to pick me up . . .

2 thoughts on ““You look so familiar . . . “

  1. Unemployment office? You aren’t at the “Pentagon” anymore?! or is this just part of NWLB?

    I agree about being part of the anonymous landscape. Retail work is too hard to not get noticed -by anyone!- for what you have to do.

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