I feel better now . . .

(yeah . . . better than I’ll feel at 7am when I’m trying to wake up for work!!!)

So I did some more digging, on the advice of a wise friend, and as it turns out, I did find a plug-in that I like well enough to use with Firefox . . . even if it does make me think about going to the bathroom every time I look at the name of it!

I’ve gotten about 40 or 50 of my RSS feeds onto the page, and although I don’t care so much for the order they’re in, I like the way it’s set up, and in some minor ways, it’s almost easier than my previous set-up.

so I feel better now . . . relieved, as if all is now right with the world. hmm. is that a sign of blogaholism?!

In other news . . . I attended an AMAZING discussion/lecture this afternoon . . . and the speaker really blew away some of my paradigms–not at all about race, actually, but about writing, and blogging, and whether the two really are the same thing . . . so I’ll have more to say about that soon, but needless to say, my tenth annual midlife crisis is rearing its head again . . .

however, I will be having an UNEMPLOYED crisis if I don’t go to sleep RIGHT NOW, so more later.

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