oh, Obama . . . please don’t lose now . . .

I don’t dare hope. It hurts too much.

but neither can I stop hoping that for once, the president that people WANT to see in office will actually get there.

Hillary is better than nothing (“nothing” spelled r-e-p-u-b-l-i-c-a-n) but Barack Obama . . . that would be better than I could imagine. and I am (almost) ready to stick a bumper sticker on my car . . . if I could just get past this fear of being disappointed again . . .

2 thoughts on “oh, Obama . . . please don’t lose now . . .

  1. I think that the people want Hillary, especially since she has 41,000 more poular votes than Obama. Maybe Obama should continue to pray to Jesus Christ every night (no offense). Pennsylvania here we come!!!!

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